Joint Music Forces rock Red Square: Spasskaya Tower 2011 festival

Moscow’s Red Square marched to a different tune this week, as it played host to a massive annual military music festival. The closing ceremony, which coincided with Moscow’s birthday celebrations, attracted thousands of visitors. Over 7,000 people of all ages gathered on the main square of Moscow on the fifth and closing day of the Spasskaya Tower festival, which started on August 31. Military orchestras from 15 countries descended on the Russian capital this year. With the number of musicians exceeding 1,500, the show this year offered an unprecedented mix of musical styles, military uniforms and parade skills.
The first SpasskayaTower festival rocked the city in 2009, and since then it became, some say, the most colorful military band show in the world. The parade was a very loud and bright gathering, but was far from the only entertainment being held in Moscow. The event coincided with Moscow’s 864th birthday, which was celebrated widely at over 700 festive venues across the capital.

Raw Video: Giant Crocodile Caught in Philippines
Villagers and veteran hunters have captured a one-ton 21-foot saltwater crocodile which will become the star of a planned ecotourism park in the Philippines. It’s one of the largest to be captured alive in recent years. (Sept. 5)

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