Smartphone Can Diagnose Ear Ache through Otoscope Attached

If you or any of your family or friend happen to have an ear ache, then visiting a doctor immediately might not be necessary in the case if you have your iPhone. How is this possible? It is really something out of a science-fiction book, but only really real. The mobile microscope company, CellScope, has come out with a smartphone attachment that allows parents or anyone at home to perform those examinations that any medical doctor would.

To diagnose, all that is required is to be put an otoscope to your smartphone’s camera and turn your device to capture images. Then send it for consultation to a doctor and there comes the prescription of medicine for getting rid of the pain. According to CellScope, there device has been approved by the medical experts.

The device was first invented in a microscopy lab at the University of California Berkeley to help people from the third world countries. Further, it is claimed by CellScope that otoscope can save around 30 million pediatric doctor appointments annually. Hence, in the end saving the money.

However, having a smartphone suggests that a person can afford certain medical visits, why not get a thorough check-up from the professionals too. Besides, how would doctors earn if their patients self-examine at home first only to consult with them later. Medical diagnosis is a special branch of study and requires precision most of anything. But nevertheless, the idea is brilliant and can certainly be improved upon.

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