Artificial Spinal Disc for Removing Chronic Lower Back Pain

Back pain is one of the major medical problems for people. It happens when the collagen-rich shock absorbers, known as intervertebral discs get affected or dislocated. They help vertebra not to come in contact with each other and also give humans their height. Mostly during the old age, such a problem strikes. Around US$100 billion are spent annually in the United States alone for treatment of chronic back pain.

Recently, a team from Brigham Young University has come up with an artificial disc which can be placed to treat the back pain. It is a jointless elastic device which is flexible for movements and durable to take pressures between the vertebra of the spine. Their detailed study on the subject and their innovative solution will be published in the International Journal of Spine Surgery. The technology has been licensed to Utah-based company, Crocker Spinal Technologies and it will develop it further for market release by the next year.

Lower back pain is the one of the worst pains that kills people. The device will remove this pain and restore the natural motion of the spine. As of yet, this has not been possible but with this artificial disc, this could be achieved. More than half of the patients who go through spinal fusion remain unsatisfied because it restricts their movements. This new device hopes to fill the gap in this regard. It has been made as human-like as possible and is a healthy disc.

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