iPICS2GO Turns iPhone into a Scanner of Digital Photos

All-in-one kinds of gadgets are always popular and yes, they are useful. You never know, like in the case of a Swiss army-knife, which of its functions might come in hand. iPhone has not only revolutionized how people communicate with each other, it has also brought forward the concept of new formats and technology in other aspects too. Terming modern gadgets as pre or post iPhone will not be such an incorrect classification after all.

The world is getting digitalized and in our everyday lives we are using so many things that remind us, the world does not work the same way as it used to more than a decade ago. Taking this new phase to the next level, ION Audio has introduced iPICS2GO, which can turn your very own beloved iPhone into a scanner.

It is a box-shaped digital photo booth which needs either iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S to perform its functions. The smartphone is placed at the top of the scanner and the image to be scanned is placed onto a photo tray underneath the iPhone’s camera. Within a few seconds, one can get a digital version of the image to be shared on the internet or kept for later use.

For a lot of smartphone users, iPhone has become their sole image-taking device. For such users, devices like iPICS2GO are very useful. The device is available at US$63 and can be brought by placing an order with the retailers as well as through online. There are such similar devices like Scanbox or Steady Stand 200, but this one is cheaper.

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