Aegis Parka, a Jacket that Detects Air Pollution and Protects You

Pollution is a real hazard these days. Governments around the world must take serious actions and come up with better strategies to deal with air pollutants that cause many human diseases and problems. Besides being dangerous to the environment and its natural habitat, air pollution is also eating away architecture through erosion. A new futurist-design technology from Nieuwe Heren has introduced a jacket, called the Aegis Parka, that can sense as well as protect from airborne pollutants prevailing in large cities.

The LEDs integrated on the front of the jacket will light up with the same intensity as the quality of air would be. It has MQ-135 air pollution sensor that will detect ammonia, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, alcohol, Benzene, smoke, asbestos dust, diesel emissions, ozone, hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide.

If the pollution concentration is higher, it will cause these 40 integrated extra bright LEDs to light up. As far as the protection goes, it has an integrated respirator that filters these air pollutants and allows you to have a cleaner air. Nieuwe Heren says that it has made Aegis Parka resistant to all of these air brone bacteria and viruses.

For those environmentalists trying to detect air pollution, they can use this jacket to lead their way into inner cities and the levels of air pollution present. For any person who is interested to protect their health they can wear one of these jackets and can find out if he or she should be stepping in those areas. Being sure of what kind of air quality you breathe in is important. You can plan your place of residence accordingly. It costs around US$300.

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