Stroboscopic Eyewear Introduced to Improve Short-Term Visual Memory

It would require a complete remedy to have your mind so strong that your short-term memory becomes sharp. Something of the same has been attempted by the researchers at the Duke University in North Carolina. They have introduced Stroboscopic training which includes wearing eyewear that stimulates a strobe-like experience. Thus, visual short-term memory for up to 24 hours is enhanced. Sometimes we forget even little things that just happened a few hours ago, and all we want is to be able to remember them better.

Paying attention and being observant to details is a key to remembering a lot of things. The study experimented with people being required to get engaged in physical activities like playing catch while wearing this specially designed stroboscopic eyewear. Human beings have a memory buffer in their brains which retains the information for a certain short period. Wearing this strobe eyewear during physical training will boost the participants’ ability to retain that information in this buffer. This strobe eyewear limits the vision to brief snapshots.

After this rigorous activity the participants of the experiment were asked to give a computer-based test. After a series of shots, they were asked to recall them. Through such experimentation, not only an insight is developed about how the human brain functions, but also how it could be used to its best abilities. The eyewear has been introduced in the market for the general public as well. It is being marketed as the Nike SPARQ Vapor Strobe.

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