Throw Trash Right Where It Needs to Be with Smart Trashbox

For all those people who have always wanted to just sit on their seats and throw away their trash at the waste bin hoping that it would land right inside, here is a dream waste basket. This desire to keep the trash where it belongs to has made a Japanese inventor do something innovative with the waste basket itself. Make it catch your thrown trash.

He has come out with a trash bin, called “Smart Trashbox” that collects the trash in whichever direction you throw near it. So, you don’t have to practice your skill of hitting the target, the trash can will do it for you. Who knew that trash cans will no more be trashy, but be smart and robotic! This trash basket tracks the garbage thrown its way. It does the move itself to catch it in. It has a wheel under it which allows the bin to move around easily.

The kinect sensor placed in the room tracks the trash. This sensor detects any garbage that you would put out. The bin in short looks like a good game. Lazy people like to play these games with their friends. Throwing trash sitting on their seats and making claims how good their targeting skills are. Well, now there is a new toy to play with, the innovative and smart trash bin that catches. Who needs a dog to play Frisbee, when you can just do it with your trash can!

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