HemoGlobe, a New Smartphone Device that Detects Anemia

Anemia is the cause of thousands of deaths each year around the globe. Most of the time, appropriate medical tests are not available to detect the condition and when doctors do find out, it is already too late. There are multiple reasons due to which a person can suffer from anemia. Blood loss, congenital illness, parasites, radiation, cancer, vitamin deficiencies, or even lack of proper diet can all result in anemia. Thus, to alter such odd fate to the best way possible, students at John Hopkins University have invented a sensor which turns a smartphone into blood analysis tool.

Previously, we have seen that smartphone was being used to check for ear aches. Now, this is yet another inexpensive way through which people can carry on their own check-ups. This new device, called HemoGlobe, will be put to use in African countries, in particular Kenya. People in the third world countries especially become its victims due to lack of facilities. In such circumstances, this new smartphone, HemoGlobe really presents a brighter alternative.

One of the reasons why researchers used this tool through a smartphone is because of the device being relatively more readily available in a third world country, than clean water or medical health care. The device came as a result of a competition funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The doctors can easily use it and help those mothers whose children as in such danger of inheriting the same illness. The HemoGlobe conversions can be done for less than US$20 per phone.

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