Microneedles Can Improve Drug Delivery to Difficult Target Sites in the Eye

Delivering of drugs in the back of the eye has become a little better with the efforts of the researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology and Atlanta’s Emory University. The traditional methods used are injecting of drugs in the center of the eye or through eye drops. These methods render medicine less effective, but with the microneedles developed by these researchers treatment of eyes have become a little less difficult.

The researchers have made microneedles out of stainless steel which are less than a millimeter in length and they can deliver drug molecules and particles to the area in the back of the eye. These microneedles are used in the targeted area in the eye, called suprachoroidal space of the eye. Through this area, the drugs have a natural passage across the sclera to flow along the eye’s inner surface. After this, it reaches the back of the eye.

The researchers believe that through using microneedles there would be less trauma to the eye than the larger hypodermic needles. There is also a lesser chance of getting any infection. Aside from their hopes, however, the researchers do plan to use actual drugs to test their new invention and see how much the real drugs reach their targets. Already doctors face a lot of trouble convincing patients who need eye treatment that their drugs would be effective and that they should undergo the required treatment.

With an effective medical method in place, the patients will be at least satisfied that they are getting the best eye care yet developed. One hopes that this new microneedles injection succeeds in providing drugs to the targeted sites in the eye. Further details of this study have been published in the journal, Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science.

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