Honda Introduces Technology for Disabled Elderly to Walk

Japan’s National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology (NCGG) is now testing new technology to help elderly people be on their own feet. They are about to 40 units of the device on elderly people with limited walking ability. The technology being used behind it all is by Honda, which has been working on the walking robot technology since the last three decades. They had already made the Honda’s Stride Management Assist.

Now they are taking this technology one step further. This new device is lightweight and is simpler. It has been designed to help weakened leg muscles in the aged people to walk. The robot gives a boost to the upper leg and helps in walking. It is charged with the help of lithium batteries and weighs around 2.8 kg. There is also a computer fitted into its design which analyses the stride and help make it better by providing the required assistance.

The device will also monitor the heartbeat of the wearer and make the adjustments according to the wearer’s needs. It comes in with a streamlined box fitted in the small size at the back. It has straps and seems like a belt worn across the legs. It can fit the shape of the body of the wearer. It has been designed to give both the ease as well as the functionality for which it has been made. If successful in their testing, Honda plans to introduce the product in the market for everyone.

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