Signal Helmets Help Increase Motorcyclists’ Visibility on the Roads

Road safety is a primarily concern for anyone, whether driving a car, a bus, a motorcycle or be a pedestrian. Cars have been added with a third brake lights just so that it be better visible for others. The same is now being thought for in a motorcyclist’s helmet. The idea is that a motorcyclist does not has an advantage of being so visible as compared to a car and when cars can have one, the motorcyclists must have one too.

Such kits are now available in the market which can be put on the back of a motorcyclist’s helmet and can simply be strapped on. Being called the Signal helmet, this is one great addition to the road safety. The other third brake lights which have been available previously required to be installed, but these Signal helmets can just simply be put on. It uses a fibre optic fabric called Lumigram that is both flexible and lightweight.

For the motorcyclists in Pakistan, it is an accessory that they must have. They seem to pretend as if they are the ones whose urgency should take priority on the road, whilst all the rest of the people also want to get off the road and reach their destinations as quickly as possible. But the motorcyclists need to be taught a lesson to wait for their turn. For Pakistani motorcyclists, having this third brake light would be really useful and safe for others. But such helmets to work, the signals have to be good too, because these Signal helmets work with a radio frequency transmitted from the signals.

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