Vuzix Star 1200 Provides Augmented Reality Glasses for Language Translation

Will Powell is a computer programmer who has been inspired by the Google’s Project Glass and has built a similar prototype of a real-time translation system, the Vuzix Star 1200. It listens to any word spoken to it and quickly translates it in one of the programmed 37 languages. The text of the translated language is then displayed on the screen as subtitles on the user’s glasses.

However, experts believe that this system still requires a lot of improvement as it is slow. But for the starters it is still a better initiation despite beign slow for many real-life applications. The retail price for these is US$35 each. Although not too expensive as many other technology gadgets are available, but it sure is really useful if the same technology can be better presented. The Bluetooth microphone picks up the audio signal and connects to a smartphone or a tablet which is then transmitted to the Microsoft Translator service.

Although by now this technology should have been improved considering what more wonders scientists and researchers can come up with, but yet this is not the case. It will especially be useless in conferences where international delegates have to see to their translators to provide for the communication for them. Although there are smartphone apps which claim to do just that, but with a Google’s Project Glass kind of a system it becomes a better way to communicate in a foreign language.

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