Walking and Jumping on Water Microrobots Made like Water Striders

Scientists have made an improved version of the water strider. They have made a new microrobot that can walk and jump on water. The best part of this new development is that it does not sink at all. Just like the real water striders found in nature, these new microrobots are imitating their originals perfectly well.

Water striders can distribute their weight equally which help them in not sinking despite their long legs. Though these microrobots are some 11 hundred times heavier, but now they have been made to keep up on the water too. The researchers were able to accomplish this by studying computer simulations that focused on how much pressure is put on the legs. Now the scientists have used porous and super water-repellant nickel foam that are part of these microrobots jumping legs. It gives them the buoyancy required.

These again can be used as part of the spying gear and surveillance system whereby these microrobots hide away as part of nature whilst being a man-made object. Also, developing these help in understanding both the wild life and how their body structures as well as natural abilities could be replicated into robots and microrobots for man’s different needs and purposes. Further details on the research are published in the journal, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.

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