Silent Circle to Launch Suite of High-End Encryption Products

silent circle

silent circle
Silent Circle is a worldwide encrypted communications firm that delivers a comprehensive suite of high-end private encrypted communication services that leverage state-of-the-art encryption standards in a user-friendly interface, launching worldwide September 17.

  • Encrypted Email
  • Encrypted Mobile Phone Calls
  • Encrypted Text
  • Enrypted VOIP (Video and Voice)
The Silent Circle team is comprised of a unique combination of Navy SEALs and Silicon Valley icons.  Silent Circle is made up of the actual inventors, designers and developers of the world’s most popular encryption protocols in partnership with highly decorated Special Operations Navy Seal officers who have led classified missions around the world and know the importance of secure communications at every level
  • Phil Zimmermann is co-founder and president of Silent Circle, and is the creator of PGP, the most widely used email encryption software in the world, and the Zfone/ZRTP secure VoIP standard. PC World named him one of the Top 50 Tech Visionaries of the last 50 years. He has received Privacy International’s Louis Brandeis Award, CPSR’s Norbert Weiner Award, the EFF Pioneer Award, and theChrysler Award for Innovation in Design. 
  • Mike Janke is co-founder and CEO of Silent Circle and is a former Navy SEAL Sniper, Author of 2 books, Privacy Advocate, Special Operations communications expert and founder-past CEO and board member of SOC, a large Global Defense & Logistics Firm. In the line of duty, Mike has amassed 312 stitches, 17 broke bones, two blown-out knees and a crocodile bite scar.
  • Jon Callas is CTO of Silent Circle and is an inventor, cryptographer and entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of PGP Corporation, designer of security products that have won major innovation awards from The Wall Street Journal and others. Jon is the creator of encryption products currently used around the World. He is also currently CTO at Entrust, Inc.
  • Vic Hyder is COO of Silent Circle and is a combat-Decorated Navy SEAL Commander, keynote speaker, and past founder and CEO of Maritime Security Firm. He is the recipient of the Silver Star with a Master’s Degree in Strategic Thinking and Campaign Planning, and has led and coordinated highly classified missions worldwide including the humanitarian efforts following the devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti.

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