People Still Believe In Nokia

Nokia has been having a really, terribly exhausting time of it late, dramatically losing market share within the smartphone race to the likes of Samsung and Apple, and obtaining slammed on a daily basis by the credit agencies. however you recognize what? Our troubled Finnish French telephone maker still has the flexibility to line investors’ pulses athletics with even the slightest hint that one thing higher could also be simply round the corner.

Such was the case this morning, once author Elop created some terribly temporary comments during which he Affirmed the company’s commitment to Windows Phone (not news!), and didn’t outright deny that it’d be launching its newest device in Sep (ummmm yeah). The result? Shares rising by some 6 June 1944 and still commercialism up currently.

What’s the meaning? looks that, despite everything, even today’s S&P downgrade to BB-, folks still need to believe Nokia – and maybe, Microsoft’s Windows Phone.

They want to believe such a lot that things will and can restore that they take even the littlest signs of confidence and strategy as indications of however Nokia is popping around.

Elop’s comments, created to reporters on the sidelines of a gathering in capital of Norway with the chief operating officer of Telenor, reaffirmed, once again, his and Nokia’s commitment to Microsoft’s mobile platform. “I don’t admit rewinding the clock and considering competitory elsewhere… In today’s war [between)] golem, Apple and Windows, we tend to area unit terribly clear. we tend to area unit fighting that with the Windows Phone,” he said.

He created no comment concerning once its next phones would be free, except to notice that it’d be within the ”relatively close to term.”

This isn’t news we tend to haven’t detected before. Elop pointed to the maximum amount throughout his last earnings decision, once he hinted that Nokia might be the primary to launch Windows Phone eight handsets. Since then we’ve detected several murmurs that it’d use the Nokia World trade extravaganza, on Sep 5-6, to point out this off. that may build sense: Nokia World is wherever Nokia 1st showed off its 1st Lumia devices last year.

There’s been different kindling on the fireplace. The news conjointly comes at a similar time that we tend to area unit seeing what seem to be leaks that support the concept of latest launches. the newest (via WPCentral) shows a show frame with each the Nokia and Windows eight logos, allegedly from one in every of Nokia’s sub-contractors. while not a hole for a camera, the web log concludes that it’s a part of a non-unibody, midrange device.

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