New iPad App Is Like A Remote Control For Your Apple TV

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New iPad App Is Like A Remote Control For Your Apple TV,
A few weeks agone, I took a glance at the new Showyou iPhone app, that founder Mark Hall at that point aforementioned was quickly turning into the team’s favorite version of its social discovery engine. Well, Showyou simply free a replacement version of its iPad app to try and do that one higher. Not solely will the new iPad app add lots of constant thuscial options that build the iPhone version so nice, however it additionally adds tissue layer show support and dual-screen mutlitasking.

What’s that last half mean in English? essentially that if you’ve got associate Apple TV, you’ll currently use Showyou as your device for a good vary of on-line video.

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Showyou uses Apple’s AirPlay to permit you to send videos from the iPad to the Apple TV, that is nothing new — that feature’s been a part of the app since day one. however Showyou has incorporated some pretty cool magic that may enable users to stand videos to be watched on the Apple TV, and watch them even though you permit the app to envision your email or browse the online. That’s right — the videos can keep taking part in.

So this feature has truly been around for for a while in iOS5, however few app manufacturers have truly enforced it up to now. that may be a shame, as a result of it’s pretty cool. you’ll load a video from The Daily Show or Funny Or Die or any of Showyou’s different partners — and there square measure a bunch — and approach your business, tweeting and not very listening to the TV. (It’s a bit like if you were observance regular TV!) Anyway, Brightcove recently highlighted dual-screen navigation and management as a part of the most recent update to its App Cloud giving, thus perhaps others can presently catch on and begin victimization the potential in their own apps.

Anyway, that’s the good new feature, however it’s not the sole one. once reconstruction its rear to support its updated iPhone app, Showyou is currently circling back and adding several of its new options back to the iPad app. as an example, its “Send to Friend” and “Thanks” social options. It’s additionally adding tissue layer show support for all you fancy third-gen iPad house owners out there.

Showyou’s within the middle of an enormous, crowded area choked with apps seeking to assist you discover cool videos on your iPad. however with dual-screen multitasking support factor, this update will very facilitate set it except the remainder.