Vidya gets 5 crores for endorsing sari brand

The first factor player Vidya Balan brings to your mind is ‘saris.’ Following the success of The Dirty image, Vidya Balan was the only reason why the trend of saris came back to film industry. She created sporting saris fashionable and funky.

And currently Vidya Balan has signed associate degree endorsement deal at an outstanding quantity of Rs five crores. The dress whole is predicated out of South Asian country and needed to mostly target the youth also over the standard Indian girl. so that they needed an envoy World Health Organization may have a position for kids and conjointly a powerful youth charm. and that they found each the qualities in Vidya Balan.
Atul Kasbekar World Health Organization heads the celebrity management company adds, “Internally we’ve got positioned her as India’s actress. To a pic going audience worldwide, if the venerable Ms Streep’s name is within the titles, its reason enough to look at the film. we tend to believe that Vidya is currently therein league in Asian country by a singular combination of critically acclaimed performances and box workplace success”.Vidya Balan has turned the whole ambassador of a South dress whole for an outstanding quantity of Rs five crores.

Swati Iyer from the corporate that manages her endorsements says, “Vidya Balan nowadays represents the instance Asian country girl. She not solely dazzles in saris however is additionally astoundingly self-confident to follow a path charted out solely by her. At a time once most are sporting similar appearance she stands out way aside from the group. She brought saris ‘back’. thus it’s no surprise that we tend to got her to be the face of the largest dress whole within the country. nowadays Vidya stands for everything lovely, real, honest, Indian and fearless.”

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