Pooja Bhatt to direct 2 back-to-back films

Says Pooja, “Now that I’ve tasted blood with Jism two i do not need to urge off the filmmaking treadmill.”

Yes, Pooja is currently ready to direct 2 succeeding films among following eighteen months . a primary for this feisty actress-turned-director whose Jism and its sequel have broken new grounds in thought Hindi cinema.

Says Pooja, “I’m beginning Jism three 1st.I’m committed to finishing Jism three 1st and emotional it by the winter of 2013. however scripting for each Jism three and Cabaret have started at the same time. each can unharness within the next eighteen months.”She self true has tasted blood. The success of Jism three has whetted Pooja Bhatt’s appetency for additional directorial ventures.She’s ready to start out 2 films one when another. whereas Jism three is currently within the drawing board Pooja has currently conjointly started functioning on her pet project Cabaret.

Jism three would have 2 hotties vying to draw in eyeballs. Nathalia Kaur, the Ram Gopal Varma muse, could also be one amongst them.

Says Pooja, “Yes, there could be 2 women in Jism three. As for Nathalia, my Dad(Mahesh Bhatt) very likeable Nathalia’s pics and that i recommended I take into account her for Jism three.So we’re actually staring at that choice.”

As for Cabaret the lead would be terribly laborious to search out Associate in Nursingd Pooja is preparing for an intense struggle to urge that in situ. “Casting Cabaret may be a robust one! i would like a lady WHO isn’t solely an incredible dancer however Associate in Nursing intelligent player furthermore.My ideal player for Cabaret would be somebody with Helen’s grace concupiscence and innocence combined with Smita Patil’s searing intensity and heart-wrenching honesty.”

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