RNC Website Spotlights Anti-Romney

The Republican National Committee aims to steal variety of} the DNC’s thunder on Twitter by asking constant via today’s #AreYouBetterOff Promoted Trend. however the trouble has its risks, thus the|and additionally the} RNC’s own anti-Obama web site is exposing them.The RNC Promo Trend purchase AN element} of what seems to be a broader strategy from the Republicans. The Romney campaign itself bought the ad unit — famous to be priced around $120,000 per day — on Gregorian calendar month. 30, the day Romney gave his nomination acceptance speech in metropolis, Fla.Are you AN advantage|more contented} currently than four years ago? It’s the question pollsters and pundits area unit asking voters because the political party launches its convention in Charlotte, N.C.

Meanwhile, as President Obama struggles to contend with political party hopeful Mitt Romney within the fundraising department, his election campaign is running an attention grabbing homepage obtain on today.

Republicans area unit exploitation the Trend to propel tweets that use a catchword launched months past by the Romney camp: “Obama Isn’t operating.” In doing therefore, they hope to drive home a message they’ve relied on to persuade voters that the President doesn’t merit another four years as a result of they claim his administration’s approach has didn’t facilitate Americans notice jobs lost throughout the recession.

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