Web Clipping Service Clipboard Arrives On iPhone, Adds Shared Boards For Groups

The company is on the face of it hoping to hit a sweet spot in between bookmarking and Pinterest-like picture sharing in terms of its style. however at its core, writing board favors the analysis aspect of things. in contrast to on Pinterest, your clips here are often personal – there’s no ought to use its social options to fancy either the new app or the web site. Plus, the iOS app will have the good thing about truly permitting you to avoid wasting URLs further as text and pictures traced from hunting expedition, that is quite Pinterest’s mobile app permits for nowadays. (That one forces you into Camera mode, oddly).Clipboard, the recently launched net clipping service with the Pinterest-like layout, is nowadays debuting version two of}.0, that brings {a netsite|an net site|a web site} design, many new options, thus the|and additionally the} debut of the writing board iOS application. The new app permits users to form and share their clips from their phone, further as flick through the general public clips from others on the service. though designed for saving snippets of website from mobile hunting expedition, the app favors visual imagination once browsing through users’ shares. This virtually makes it appear additional sort of a photo-sharing service than Associate in Nursing Evernote challenger – a minimum of initially look.

But at the tip of the day, writing board must build the worth proposition that net clipping – that is actually simply modern bookmarking – still contains a place {in a|during a|in Associate in Nursing exceedingly|in a very} world stuffed with specialised social services for saving content and search engines that keep track of each page you visit for an endless searchable history offered upon demand. thereto finish, writing board has spun out a brand new feature designed to charm to additional serious net researchers: shared boards. this enables 2 or additional folks to collaborate on a board (a assortment of clips), with Associate in Nursing administrator WHO will management permissions and memberships.

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