Selena Gomez Nipples In A Sheer Top With No Bra [PHOTO Leaked]

selena gomez Nipples, boobs
selena gomez Nipples, boobs

selena gomez Nipples, boobs

Selena’s chest pinatas appear to have been recently surgically enhanced, as they have clearly grown in both size and firmness. Plastic surgery would also explain why Selena Gomez is walking around without a bra, as the swelling from the bean and rice injections her Tijuana doctor has been giving her makes the holstering of her tequila sacks extremely uncomfortable.
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So to recap, Selena Gomez is a former Disney star who now has big fake breasts, shows off her nipples in public, went to rehab for alcoholism, and engages in lesbianism (having dated confirmed dyke Demi Lovato and probable hermaphrodite Justin Bieber). Of course it should come as no surprise that even after all this Selena Gomez is still portrayed in the mainstream media as a good role model for girls in the degenerate infidel West.

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